Monday, September 27, 2010

Goddesses New Moon Gatherings

Join us for our Goddesses New Moon Gatherings
       October, Thursday 7th
       November, Saturday 6th
       December, Sunday 5th

Doors Open 6pm we will start promptly at 6:30pm- 8:30pm.

Each months focus will be:
October: Celebrate the Narvratri the 9 nights starting with the New Moon to celebrate the Divine Goddess - Durga, Lakshmi and Shakti
November: Gratitude and Living Rich
December: Illuminating a Women's Worth

Always including...Self-healing tools for getting your Goddesses Glow in 3 min.

OUR New Moon Gatherings will be a journey with mind, body and spirit to inspire creativity, manifestation and the nurturing of your highest potential.

Please dress comfortably and ready to move, layers are ideal.
Please bring a yoga mat and cushion.
Open to women of all ages and physical condition.

Facilitated by Anasatsia Williams


Healing Space
14 East 4th Street, Suite #605
New York, NY
917 664 2309

RSVP to CLICK HERE this is so we may have any additional materials prepared accordingly.

WE will work with various pranayam(breathwork), meditations, Naam yoga & physical movement, prayer, chanting and creative play.

Some extra New Moon Info:
The New Moon is a magical time of beginnings, when you can recharge goals, or set new ones. The Moon has incredible affect upon us and our affairs, to see it from a logical point, the Moon moves the tides of our vast and large oceans around the earth, since the body is 80% water than we to may certainly be greatly influenced by this magnetic force.

During the Waxing Moon, the energy of the body moves into our angelic part, bringing out the light in us. The waxing period of the Moon is used to bring things into ones life or to accelerate the growth of a project. It is the most favorable time for spiritual and material expansion. Anything started in this period will grow beautifully.

Gathering in Ritual brings meaning to our lives by "charging" an intention with power, individual and collective. We're always setting intentions, and this is a way to do it in a more conscious way. There is power in coming up with visions for your life, and keeping them in your sights as they come into being. At the new Moon, goals and wishes take root, as you reach out for spiritual wisdom, draw on unseen allies and open the door to magical change.

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